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Unban drums in Turkey, basketball fans request

2010 August 31, 02:28:00 by pipedija

World Cup Championship of basketball, Turkey, 2010Lithuanian fans formally request the organizers of  the World Basketball Championship in Turkey to revoke the ban on bringing drums into basketball stadiums.

Drums are an international musical instrument used by many cultures in both secular and religious activities, including Turkey. Through the use of drums fans around the world have made many sporting contests more colorful and enjoyable festivals. The World Basketball Championship will lose much of its festivity and beauty because of this senseless ban on drums.

The fans draw attention to the fact that the ban was announced after the second round of matches. We must also not forget that drums have already enhanced many international basketball contests including Sweden, Serbia and Montenegro, Japan, Spain, Poland. And until yesterday Turkey as well.

The motives of this sudden ban are impossible to understand to the international basketball community.

Lithuanian fans invite all fans from other countries to support this statement and to join in this action seeking the reversal of the banning of drums in Turkey.

Lithuanians hope the organizers of the championship will change this unjust decision before Lithuania’s next game against Spain on the 31st of August, 2010.

Lithuanian fans carrying their drums will gather at the stadium at 7 pm.