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The Rubik cube European Championship was held in Budapest this weekend, thirty years after the toy started it’s worldwide success.


USA 89:74 Lithuania

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2010 FIBA World Championship Turkey Semi-Final


Currency market signals about the Lithuanian basketball victory

2010 September 10, 17:26:39 by Currency market signals about the Lithuanian basketball victory

Currency market share the basic analysis and technical indicators suggest that victory at 2010 FIBA World Championship in Turkey semi-final Lithuania vs United States Basketball team will win Lithuanian game style.

"Match outcome prediction is based on a euro / US dollar currency pair exchange rate volatility, the U.S. and European economic situation analysis. These data were collated with the basketball team statistics. We hope that it will be more accurate than the predictions of Smartass giraffes"- says Forex.LT team.

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Winner is … Lithuania!
FIBA World Championship 2010, Turkey
Via Araz

Winner is … Lithuania!

FIBA World Championship 2010, Turkey

Via Araz


Unban drums in Turkey, basketball fans request

2010 August 31, 02:28:00 by pipedija

World Cup Championship of basketball, Turkey, 2010Lithuanian fans formally request the organizers of  the World Basketball Championship in Turkey to revoke the ban on bringing drums into basketball stadiums.

Drums are an international musical instrument used by many cultures in both secular and religious activities, including Turkey. Through the use of drums fans around the world have made many sporting contests more colorful and enjoyable festivals. The World Basketball Championship will lose much of its festivity and beauty because of this senseless ban on drums.

The fans draw attention to the fact that the ban was announced after the second round of matches. We must also not forget that drums have already enhanced many international basketball contests including Sweden, Serbia and Montenegro, Japan, Spain, Poland. And until yesterday Turkey as well.

The motives of this sudden ban are impossible to understand to the international basketball community.

Lithuanian fans invite all fans from other countries to support this statement and to join in this action seeking the reversal of the banning of drums in Turkey.

Lithuanians hope the organizers of the championship will change this unjust decision before Lithuania’s next game against Spain on the 31st of August, 2010.

Lithuanian fans carrying their drums will gather at the stadium at 7 pm.


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Sirgalių vėliava Turkijoje from vsa.vilnius on Vimeo.

Sirgalių vėliava Turkijoje

2010 FIBA World Championship


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WIDPSC 2010, Persuasive Speaking Final, Vykintas Glodenis Lithuania

World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship 2010 Persuasive speaking Final in Druskininkai, Lithuania. The speaker Vykintas Glodenis from Panevezys Secondary School No. 5 (2nd place among all WIDPSC public speakers after the regular rounds). His speach is about the danger to men fertility.


Lithuanians affected by Oranje virus!

2010 July 28, 19:31:00 by pipedija

Lithuanian national soccer team (#52 in FIFA rankings) has never participated in any FIFA or UEFA championship nor has won any serious competition in the international club league ever. But FIFA World Cup final (Netherlands-Spain) exposed the potential nobody thought this nation had. Well, not exactly in amount of soccer fans but at least in density of Oranje (Holland national team) supporters.

Lithuanian PM Mr. Andrius Kubilius in his weekly interview on the national radio before the WC final disclosed he supported Oranje all the time and wished Oranje to beat Spain. Mr. Joep Wijnands, the Ambassador of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Lithuania, in reaction to this statement visited Mr. Kubilius and presented him a full pack of Oranje fan equipment.

The next day Lithuanian PM Kubilius, all dressed in orange, was sitting in the outdoor pub among the crowd of Oranje fans to see how Spain wins the World Cup (all Lithuanian papers wrote next day that Kubilius, the most unpopular Lithuanian politician, shouldn’t have joined Oranje supporters if he really wanted to help his favorite team).

But the leader of the Lithuanian government wasn’t the only orange politician in the crowd. Many other senior members of the Conservative party followed their leader to express their commitment to the Oranje as this was in line with most of their voters.

If someone has monitored Lithuanian Facebook after the final match he could find very little joy for Spain and great sadness for Oranje. It seemed this little nation has forgotten their gods like Sabonis, Jasikevicius and other tall guys from the basketball floor for a while and somehow became the second most orange country in the world after Holland.

Just after the final dozens of waste collectors put supporting slogans on their orange trucks operating in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. In three weeks after the WC final you could see a trash trucks driving in the city with “We do love you Oranje!” on it or “Thank You Robben!”, “Thank You Sneijder”, etc. Images of the trucks suddenly appeared in 4chan global gallery and other pic-databases and soon spread around the world.

See video people recorded outdoor their houses in Vilnius:

Before this happened nobody in Holland have heard about Lithuania as far as Holland is bad in basketball and the relations between these two countries were quite sluggish. Now at least the biggest Oranje fans in Holland know what orange brothers they have in the Baltic States.