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WikiLeaks has so far received 3,855.40109972 bitcoins. PayPal fail.

WikiLeaks has so far received 3,855.40109972 bitcoins. PayPal fail.


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Mystery 360 UFO Invasion

Mystery 360 UFO Invasion


WikiLeaks cyber warriors

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This week, we stay with the WikiLeaks story - the battle taking place online, the cyber warriors and the tug of war over freedom of information. Then a retrospective look at 2009 through a series of photographs selected by the jury of the World Press Photo Awards.


Rap News 6 - Wikileaks’ #Cablegate: the truth is out there

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Juice Media Rap News, with Robert Foster. Episode 6 of the Investigative Rap Journalism has dropped: December 2010 and Cablegate has burst open. With a steady trickle of Diplomatic communiques leaking out every single day, the Book of Revelations is expanding dramatically. In all the hubbub, the global community is forced to ask questions of its leaders. At the same time, perhaps a stronger focal point for international attention is the Wikileaks leader, the elusive Julian Assange, whose impact on the global scene is testing the limits of freedom of the press. How will governmental representatives from North America, Europe and the Middle East react to having their dirty laundry leaked? Is it all just an insidious Blue Beam Psi-Ops plot hypnotically seeded by MK Ultra, the Rhodes Scholars and the TriLateral Commission? Will the world ever be the same again? Join your affable host Robert Foster, as he executes a rhyme inquisition on some of the key players in the Wiki-saga. It’s diplomatic Rhym-aggedon…


WikiLeaks inspires feminine hygiene billboards in Pakistan

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Assault, arrests at Sydney Wikileaks rally

Four men were arrested last night at a Sydney rally in aid of Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange.

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Anonymous Productions

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Julian, just WHY did you start World War III?

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Answer is … -> #Leakspin LOL


Operation #Leakspin - A brilliant fan-made video

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This is a classified message from Anonymous.
Mass-publication is strictly recommended.

After numerous attacks on the truth spilling platform of WikiLeaks (including the shut-down of its financing) we have already made it very clear that we will fight for Freedom of Speech and a free press. 

But we have, at best, given them a black eye. The game has changed. When the game changes, so too must our strategies.

We are now moving forward to phase two of our war on disinformation-terror, introducing: Operation LeakSpin.

Become part of the hive and join a fight we can only win with information.

Begin searching through WikiLeaks. Find only the best, least exposed leaks you can get your hands on. Post summaries of them, along with the complete source. Encourage the reader to read more. Make one-to-two-minute YouTube videos reading the leaks. Use misleading tags. Post snippets of the leaks everywhere on the internet.


We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.

(Source: operationleakspin.org)


Impromptu Rap News performance at the Free Julian Assange Rally in Melbourne on 10 Dec. 2010

2010 December 13, 05:36:58 by pipedija

Robert Foster making an impromptu appearance at the free Julian Assange rally in Melbourne, Australia, 10 December 2010. 

While many were being mesmerised by Oprah in Federation Square, thousands of free-speech supporters gathered in the centre of Melbourne on 10 December 2010 to demand justice for Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Only six months ago, hardly anyone knew anything about Julian in Melbourne, the city where Wikileaks was first conceived and coded. Today was a different story. Free Julian Assange! Get Julian Assange back online! 

ps. Get ready for Rap News Episode 6 - coming out soon.

http://thejuicemedia.com x

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#Cablegate - Where are the Wikileaks cables from?

2010 December 12, 23:25:28 by pipedija

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You Too Can Be Julian Assange In ‘WikiLeaks: The Game’

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WikiRebels - The Documentary

2010 December 11, 22:37:47 by pipedija

"Exclusive rough-cut of first in-depth documentary on WikiLeaks and the people behind it!

From summer 2010 until now, Swedish Television has been following the secretive media network WikiLeaks and its enigmatic Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange.

Reporters Jesper Huor and Bosse Lindquist have traveled to key countries where WikiLeaks operates, interviewing top members, such as Assange, new Spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson, as well as people like Daniel Domscheit-Berg who now is starting his own version - Openleaks.org!

Where is the secretive organization heading? Stronger than ever, or broken by the US? Who is Assange: champion of freedom, spy or rapist? What are his objectives? What are the consequences for the internet?”


A Mother’s Plea: WikiLeaks Founder No Criminal

2010 December 11, 02:41:44 by pipedija

The mother of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says her son has been betrayed by Australia, his native country, under pressure after he leaked scores of secret U.S. government documents.


Cableleaks, Lithuania and Guantanamo

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Cable #09PARIS264 shows, that US ambassador Williamson discussed Guantanamo Bay detainees with French officials, but what is interesting for us, Lithuanians is that the same cable says:

“Williamson noted that recent public pledges by LITHUANIA to accept Guantanamo detainees were the result of almost two years of talks, and that LITHUANIA has been firm that implementation of an agreement to accept detainees would occur only after agreement of a common EU position.”

In other words Lithuanian government was not into shady deals with US and wanted EU position on that.

It is also clear, that it Guantanamo Bay detainees were about to be moved to Europe for resettlement and not for punishment or further tortures or some sort, since position of France was that:

“the detainee had to specifically request resettlement in France”.

Lithuanian for that matter agreed to take in the Uzbek detainees:

LITHUANIA was interested in accepting some of the Uzbek detainees.”

Because Uzbek detainees: “as was deemed by the GOL — could best fit into LITHUANIAn society due to a common language and the presence of a large Uzbek population in the country.”  - GOL stands for Government of Lithuania.

This last sentence sounds a bit unclear since:

1. Uzbeks don’t speak Lithuanian

2. It is not a considerable amount of population to be called “large”. It is not even small, since Uzbeks fall into cathegory “other ethnicities - 0.2 per cent” and smallest group mentioned are “armenians - 0.04 per cent”.

And let me tell you - this is pure lie, why would Mr. ambassador need to make up things like that to French officials - I don’t know.

Also it has to be noted, that while most media portray this as another torture camp, Guantanamo detainees were supposed to be relocated for resettlement and integration into society.

Integration only sounds like interrogation.

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