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2010 November 28, 17:45:00 by pipedija

Tongue-tied: National minorities banned from using their language in Lithuania

Poles in Lithuania say they are being persecuted for using their native language to spell Polish street names and even surnames. But authorities in Vilnius insist they are simply upholding the law. Almost a quarter of a million ethnic Poles live in Lithuania. Warsaw ruled the land for centuries. So nowadays in some villages the Polish amount to over 80 per cent of the population.

(Source: youtube.com)


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Untitled from Vilnius university library on Vimeo.

Building New Vilnius University Library


Europe Map Video Shows Changing Borders, ‘10 Centuries In 5 Minutes’

2010 November 18, 16:01:28 by pipedija

While most European borders may seem permanent and fixed, a new video illustrates their fluidity over the last 1,000 years.

The clip, “10 Centuries In 5 Minutes,” is set to contemplative music and shows the advances of invaders, the collapse of empires, and the rise of new nations.

(Source: The Huffington Post)


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Scientists propose one way trip to Mars. Who should go?

Crazy Alert! Scientist’s propose one way trip to Mars… and Thom announces who should go.

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ISS: 26th walkspace

2010 November 18, 00:56:31 by pipedija

Two Russian cosmonauts have begun the 26th spacewalk outside the International Space Station, for maintenance work and supporting external experiments….


2010 November 18, 00:29:42 by pipedija

Football: Hungary 2-0 Lithuania (Friendly)


2010 November 15, 19:31:09 by pipedija

I Swear

During the political elections in Lithuania in 2008, a party of local show business stars got elected to Seimas. Film shows how these stars are making oaths after which they lose their right to get honorariums for their activities as performing artists in concerts. The oath itself is being theatricalised by the ones making it (the text of oath is being forgotten; text is being followed by outside comments). It is not critics:

"I do not take the easiest path, I do not criticize politics, I bring to the daylight the facts that have already taken place. When the DJ is mixing some melodies nobody asks him if he’s criticizes the tunes while mixing. He mixes, because he likes it that way. I play just the same, only visually."

(Source: youtube.com)


2010 November 12, 01:32:35 by pipedija

Russian journalists march against attacks on media

Hundreds of reporters and bloggers rallied in central Moscow on Thursday to demand Kremlin answers on a spate of attacks against the media that have refocused attention on basic freedoms in Russia

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In Lithuania, The iPad Is Used By Pensioners To Protest Against The Government

2010 November 12, 01:15:39 by pipedija

I don’t know why this dude is so mad, but this proves that anyone can be an instant protester. All you need is an iPad, a stick and some tape. Now get your protest on…

(Source: funkyspacemonkey.com)


2010 November 10, 01:54:40 by pipedija

Leaked CCTV Russian journalist Oleg Kashin Attack

(Source: youtube.com)


YouTube caught in the middle of China-Japan dispute

2010 November 9, 23:51:46 by pipedija

Senkaku Islands: China—Japan Confrontation at Sea

(Source: Ars Technica)


Looking for the centre of Europe : Vilnius, Lithuania.

2010 November 8, 00:12:11 by pipedija

What do an electric car, clandestine parties and a miracle stone have in common?

When the Internet Governance Forum met in September 2010 for their yearly conference, we quietly snuck out of the busy conference halls to meet with some people on the streets of Vilnius.

From an inventive kit that converts any old car into an electric vehicle, to youths that have converted an old Soviet ministry into a freedom house - we went looking for the initiative and entrepreneurship that puts Lithuanian people at the centre of Europe.

From global opportunity to local identity - this is what we found.


2010 November 6, 02:22:50 by pipedija

Ratzinger Z - Pope Benedict XVI @ Barcelona Exclusive


2010 November 1, 06:28:17 by pipedija

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange walked out of an interview with CNN in London.


2010 November 1, 05:48:34 by pipedija

Passage to Freedom / Baseball Saved Us by Ken Mochizuki 

Author Ken Mochizuki reads his award-winning book Baseball Saved Us about a Japanese American boy who learns to play baseball when he and his family are forced to live in an internment camp during World War II. Hearing about how his ability to play the game helps him after the war is over adds to this touching story.

Listening to the author read his story about Chiune Sugihara in A Passage to Freedom offers an even more dramatic understanding of the difficult decision that the Japanese diplomat made in 1940: should he follow a Japanese government mandate and refuse visas to Jewish refugees in Lithuania, or follow his conscience and try to save lives?

(Source: qksrv.net)

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