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2011 October 10, 23:02:01 by pipedija

Hack Chart / Coordinate System Data

Hack Chart / Coordinate System Data


Lithuania to raise question on cyber-security during OSCE Summit in Astana

2010 November 19, 06:42:00 by pipedija

(Source: en.ca-news.org)


24 Hours to Save Sakineh

2010 November 2, 22:17:45 by pipedija

Iranian authorities could kill Sakineh Ashtiani tomorrow.

(Source: avaaz.org)


Lithuania and Kazakhstan discuss defence cooperation in Astana

2010 October 20, 18:33:18 by pipedija

(Source: defpro.com)


Cyber police Lithuania

2010 October 15, 08:00:00 by pipedija

Your website has been suspended!

(Source: cyberpolice.lt)


Thought could root out Stuxnet within two months

2010 October 2, 20:01:07 by pipedija

Virus changes since the cleanup process, three new versions of it have been spreading. G

(Source: twitter.com)


False:Iran Confirms #Stuxnet Damage to Nuclear Facilities

2010 September 26, 06:27:56 by pipedija

 « http://bit.ly/9cJlWg #stuxnet #wikileaks #iran NO damage, just infection,G


Here is unpacked stub of stuxnet for fans

2010 September 26, 05:40:29 by pipedija

(Source: twitter.com)


Google offices raided by Korean police

2010 August 10, 13:58:54 by pipedija

Police in South Korea have raided Google’s headquarters in Seoul.

A police statement said they suspected Google has been collecting and storing data on “unspecified internet users from wi-fi networks”.

The firm recently admitted that its Street View cars had been collecting information over unencrypted wi-fi networks, calling it “a mistake”.

Google is currently under investigation in a number of countries to see if it broke data protection or privacy laws.

"[We] have been investigating Google Korea on suspicion of unauthorised collection and storage of data on unspecified Internet users from wi-fi networks," the Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) said in a statement.



2010 August 5, 14:48:46 by pipedija

Google and privacy

CNN’s Errol Barnett talks to Google spokesman Brian Richardson about increased concerns about user privacy.


Data Removal Service

2010 August 5, 14:18:00 by pipedija

Google compiles and holds vast amounts of the world’s data. It’s supposed to be totally private but sometimes governments need that information for investigations, and they request it from Google (or its subsidiaries like YouTube, Blogger, or Orkut). Other times, governments find a piece of data offensive or erroneous, and request that Google remove it from its database entirely. The search giant makes all these requests public. That is look at which countries ask Google for the most information on its users, which ask Google to remove the most information, and how often Google gives information.

China considers any request to Google to be a state secret. Google, therefore, toes not publish the number of its requests.

Via Good.is


You Better Not Repost This FBI Logo

2010 August 5, 13:38:45 by pipedija

The FBI says it’s illegal for Wikipedia or any other website to post its seal online and is threatening legal action against the non-profit running the community encyclopedia project if it’s not removed. Wikipedia, however, is refusing to give in and blasted the federal agency for even asking in the first place. So, unless you want the alphabet boys coming for you, don’t even think about downloading this high res file and posting it.



Exposing Top Secret America [Infographic]

2010 August 4, 02:00:00 by pipedija

Via Wall St. Cheat Sheet


The Pirate Bay Torrent: Facebook directory

2010 August 3, 22:33:18 by pipedija

Personal details for 100 million users