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1 BTC = 666,6 USD

1 BTC = 666,6 USD


Polish National Depository For Securities (KDPW) Opens New Operational Link With The Lithuanian Market

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Japan to yen: ‘Whoa!’

Japan’s government takes steps to slow the appreciation of the yen, after it hit a fresh 15-year high against the dollar.


Currency market signals about the Lithuanian basketball victory

2010 September 10, 17:26:39 by Currency market signals about the Lithuanian basketball victory

Currency market share the basic analysis and technical indicators suggest that victory at 2010 FIBA World Championship in Turkey semi-final Lithuania vs United States Basketball team will win Lithuanian game style.

"Match outcome prediction is based on a euro / US dollar currency pair exchange rate volatility, the U.S. and European economic situation analysis. These data were collated with the basketball team statistics. We hope that it will be more accurate than the predictions of Smartass giraffes"- says Forex.LT team.

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Roshen to invest €8m in Lithuania caramel plant upgrade

2010 August 3, 13:24:16 by Roshen to invest €8m in Lithuania caramel plant upgrade

Ukrainian confectionery group, the Roshen Confectionary Corporation, has announced that is planning to invest €8m in the modernization of its caramel production facility in Lithuania.

The company said the funds will be used to install new caramel production lines, with an output of 1,290 tonnes of products per month expected as a result of updating the Klaipeda factory, which it bought in 2006.

Roshen said the work would begin at the end of 2010, with €3.3m to be invested in the initial phase, and resulting products expected to be on the European market in March 2011.

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Lithuania Power Market Outlook to 2020 

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Our ‘Lithuania Power Market Outlook to 2020’ report gives detailed information on the Lithuania power market and provides historical and forecast numbers for generation, capacity and consumption up to 2020. The research analyzes upcoming power projects, key import and export trends, regulatory frameworks and infrastructure for the market. This coupled with elaborate profiles of key market participants provides a comprehensive understanding of the market’s competitive scenario. 

Increasing economic growth has led to increases in energy demand, which has led to an energy security problem in Lithuania. In the recent past, Lithuania depended on nuclear power generation for almost 70% of its electricity needs. In 2000, nuclear power contributed 42.2% of the country’s cumulative installed capacity whereas it contributed 73.7% of the total generation. However, this share has been declining due to the decommissioning of its first nuclear reactor in 2004 and the second one in 2009. Currently the country has no nuclear generation facilities and has to rely on other sources of energy coupled with electricity imports to meet the internal demand for electricity.


- Statistics for installed capacity, power generation and consumption from 2000 to 2009, forecast forward 11 years to 2020
- Break-up by technology, including thermal and hydro
- Data on key current and upcoming projects 
- Information on grid interconnectivity, distribution losses and power exports and imports
- Policy and regulatory framework governing the market
- Detailed analysis of top market participant, including market share analysis and SWOT analysis. Key companies covered include AB Lietuvos Elektrine, Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant, Lietuvos Energija AB and UAB Vilniaus Energija
- Data sourced from proprietary databases and primary interviews with key participants across the value chain

Reasons to buy

- Facilitate decision-making based on strong historic and forecast data
- Develop strategies based on the latest regulatory events within the Lithuania power market 
- Position yourself to gain the maximum advantage of the industry’s growth potential 
- Identify key partners within the Lithuania power market and business development avenues 
- Identify key strengths and weaknesses of important market participants 
- Respond to your competitors’ business structure, strategy and prospects 

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Lithuania - Convergence, Broadband & Internet Market - Overview, Statistics & Forecasts

2010 April 26, 18:51:00 by Lithuania - Convergence, Broadband & Internet Market - Overview, Statistics & Forecasts

Lithuania has a small but sophisticated Internet market, with broadband accounting for 99% of all Internet connections. ADSL is losing its share of total broadband connections as FttH/FttB and mobile broadband gains popularity. WiMAX holds promise given the launch of competing mobile WiMAX services. Triple play services are available from a number of operators including the cable TV operators and fixed line incumbent TEO, which has hedged its bets in the digital TV market by offering both broadband TV (IPTV) as well as digital terrestrial TV based on the DVB-T standard. Offering abundant statistical information and broadband market penetration forecasts to 2018, this report covers Lithuania’s burgeoning broadband and convergence market, introducing major players and market developments.