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Cryptocurrencies Creating Jobs in Third World Countries

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Wake up Lithuania!



Anti-piracy head accused for illegal drug distribution

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Head of Lithuanian anti-piracy organisation LANVA is accused and may be facing charges for illegal drug distribution, Lithuanian sources said.

At the moment this is yet to be confirmed, but seems true, as the author of information Dailius Dargis is well known as reliable crime information source.

As sources said, Vytas Simanavičius was suspected for trade/distribution or unlawful possession of illegal narcotic substances in high quantities. Allegations officially served by Organized Crime Investigation Board local Kaunas office on Thursday. Information about this was published at official Kaunas police department website.

(image copyright - lrytas.lt)

Well known for his war against Internet piracy, Vytas Simanavicius is to be charged for illegal possession of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, with the aim of distributing them, or unlawful possession of a very high amounts of narcotic or psychotropic substances. By Lithuanian Crime Law, commitment to this kind of crimes is punishable by imprisonment from 2 to 8 years.

Earlier V. Simanavičius worked closely with the Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau in the fight against online piracy. He is head of organization protecting intellectual  property - LANVA.

Later V. Simanavičius was widely renowned for his war against Lithuanian torrent sites and illegal distribution of software, music and movies.

Lithuanian Internet communities constantly mocked dubbed  V. Simanavicius as Megztukas (Sweater).

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Anarchists to inflict violence in Lithuania, on June 19

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Lithuanian anarchists organizations inform about planned violence and terror actions in Lithuania on June 19. Local anarchy portals inform about coordinated actions to seize public properties and places and mass actions against local government.

These should be violent protests and revolution in manner of Greece.

Lithuania is one of the most peaceful countries in the World, ranked as ~200th of all those two hundred countries where terrorism or public violence possibilities are assessed.

Nobody thinks anarchists can do anything there. It’s like tsunami in Nevada.


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Kedocell - geriausias mobilus ryšys. Pristatome jums naują savo prekės ženklą - Kedocell. Geriausias mogilus ryšis. Ryšis į kaktą ir gūli mogilose. Su mabyla - į magyla!*
Kedocell. Mes rūpinames JŪMIS. Pirmiausiai - JŪS.
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Kedocell - geriausias mobilus ryšys. Pristatome jums naują savo prekės ženklą - Kedocell. Geriausias mogilus ryšis. Ryšis į kaktą ir gūli mogilose. Su mabyla - į magyla!*

Kedocell. Mes rūpinames JŪMIS. Pirmiausiai - JŪS.

* Dėl psichotroninės spinduliuotės ryšis kenia jūsų sveikatai.


Simplified Map of Lithuania

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ir oro uoste galima gyventi…


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From Lithuania With Love

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"Teaching How To Think" Bulb

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Mentions of Lithuania in English books

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What Does The Internet Think about Lithuania?

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Lithuania highly appreciates Azerbaijan`s integration into West

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Fluxus art belongs to Lithuania

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Collaboration party of Lithuania Embassy at New Delhi

The big revelry at the Collaboration party of Embassy of Lithuania with Great Wave Exim in the heart of India, Delhi. There was a live performance by Kamal Sabri Sarangi Maestro which mesmerized the entire guests and created a wonderful atmosphere. The party was finicky and everyone enjoyed it.
The party was witnessed by Petras simeliunas (Ambassador of Lithuania), Asta Kuckaite, Kamal Sabri, Rajbir Singh, Silviu Bucur (Embassy of Romania) with wife Oana Bucur, Indre Simeliune, Kristina K. Sabharwal, Irina Van, Charisma A, Sarunas Birutis from Lithuania, and many more.
The new range of Lithuania’s Chocolates, wines and vodka tasted and liked by everyone. Ambassador of Lithuania, Petras simeliunas said, “Lithuania became Independent in 1990 and now it has started its steps towards socializing and cultural and it developing at a high pace. The collaboration of Lithuania and Great Exim will bring a new light and a better future for us. “
Paulius Normantas, renowned Lithuanian photograph also marked his present at the party; he has commenced 11 pictorial books till now. Paulius recently launched his 11th pictorial Book which was released on Bhutan.
Petras simeliunas, Ambassador of Lithuania has invited the Bollywood filmmaker to shoot in Lithuania as the beauty of Lithuania is unseen and unexplored till now.
Asta Kuckaite, Vice- president of Indo Baltic Chamber of Commerce said, “I am very hopeful that Lithuania and India relation will be strong in culture, heritage, socially and entertainment and will last forever.”
The party lasted till late night and the Guests and the Dignitaries had a bash on the party with drinks, food and dance in the beautiful Windsor Place at Delhi.

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The 20th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Lithuania and Japan Commemorative Events in 2011

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PNN favorite who wins nothing - Morfai Logo

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Cableleaks, Lithuania and Guantanamo

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Cable #09PARIS264 shows, that US ambassador Williamson discussed Guantanamo Bay detainees with French officials, but what is interesting for us, Lithuanians is that the same cable says:

“Williamson noted that recent public pledges by LITHUANIA to accept Guantanamo detainees were the result of almost two years of talks, and that LITHUANIA has been firm that implementation of an agreement to accept detainees would occur only after agreement of a common EU position.”

In other words Lithuanian government was not into shady deals with US and wanted EU position on that.

It is also clear, that it Guantanamo Bay detainees were about to be moved to Europe for resettlement and not for punishment or further tortures or some sort, since position of France was that:

“the detainee had to specifically request resettlement in France”.

Lithuanian for that matter agreed to take in the Uzbek detainees:

LITHUANIA was interested in accepting some of the Uzbek detainees.”

Because Uzbek detainees: “as was deemed by the GOL — could best fit into LITHUANIAn society due to a common language and the presence of a large Uzbek population in the country.”  - GOL stands for Government of Lithuania.

This last sentence sounds a bit unclear since:

1. Uzbeks don’t speak Lithuanian

2. It is not a considerable amount of population to be called “large”. It is not even small, since Uzbeks fall into cathegory “other ethnicities - 0.2 per cent” and smallest group mentioned are “armenians - 0.04 per cent”.

And let me tell you - this is pure lie, why would Mr. ambassador need to make up things like that to French officials - I don’t know.

Also it has to be noted, that while most media portray this as another torture camp, Guantanamo detainees were supposed to be relocated for resettlement and integration into society.

Integration only sounds like interrogation.

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