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Lithuania is about to get occupied!

2010 December 31, 19:19:41 by pipedija

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2010 December 16, 15:37:12 by pipedija

Pulse Of Lithuania

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Homo`s Litouwen

2010 December 16, 00:34:06 by pipedija

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The 20th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Lithuania and Japan Commemorative Events in 2011

2010 December 11, 02:10:10 by pipedija


PNN favorite who wins nothing - Morfai Logo

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US to ship cross-Russia Afghan cargo via Lithuania

2010 November 18, 20:23:59 by pipedija

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2010 November 18, 19:27:08 by pipedija

Untitled from Vilnius university library on Vimeo.

Building New Vilnius University Library


Lithuania’s shutdown nuclear power plant leaks 300 tonnes of radioactive sludge

Reblogged from nucleare 2010 November 18, 18:31:52 by Lithuania’s shutdown nuclear power plant leaks 300 tonnes of radioactive sludge

Bellona: Lithuania’s shutdown nuclear power plant leaks 300 tonnes of radioactive sludge – could the accident repeat itself in Russia?
‘Witnesses say the leak of three hundred tonnes of radioactive sludge at Lithuania’s closed-down Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) last October 5 – the accident occurred during decommissioning works at this site, which used to operate Chernobyl-type RBMK reactors – led to radiation exposure suffered by cleanup personnel and severe contamination of the premises. Did management try to downplay the accident? And are accidents like this possible at RBMK-running NPPs in Russia?’


Lithuania Parliament Rejects Opposition’s Early-Election Motion

2010 November 18, 17:40:41 by pipedija

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South Korea bids for Lithuania nuclear project

2010 November 18, 17:23:02 by pipedija

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Lithuania Says Russia Discouraged Investors in Nuclear Plant

2010 November 18, 17:18:00 by pipedija

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Lithuania Makes the Ideal Destination for Foreign Investment

2010 November 18, 17:13:37 by pipedija

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2010 November 18, 00:29:42 by pipedija

Football: Hungary 2-0 Lithuania (Friendly)


2010 November 15, 19:31:09 by pipedija

I Swear

During the political elections in Lithuania in 2008, a party of local show business stars got elected to Seimas. Film shows how these stars are making oaths after which they lose their right to get honorariums for their activities as performing artists in concerts. The oath itself is being theatricalised by the ones making it (the text of oath is being forgotten; text is being followed by outside comments). It is not critics:

"I do not take the easiest path, I do not criticize politics, I bring to the daylight the facts that have already taken place. When the DJ is mixing some melodies nobody asks him if he’s criticizes the tunes while mixing. He mixes, because he likes it that way. I play just the same, only visually."

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In Lithuania, The iPad Is Used By Pensioners To Protest Against The Government

2010 November 12, 01:15:39 by pipedija

I don’t know why this dude is so mad, but this proves that anyone can be an instant protester. All you need is an iPad, a stick and some tape. Now get your protest on…

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