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Anarchists to inflict violence in Lithuania, on June 19

2011 June 17, 09:10:14 by pipedija

Lithuanian anarchists organizations inform about planned violence and terror actions in Lithuania on June 19. Local anarchy portals inform about coordinated actions to seize public properties and places and mass actions against local government.

These should be violent protests and revolution in manner of Greece.

Lithuania is one of the most peaceful countries in the World, ranked as ~200th of all those two hundred countries where terrorism or public violence possibilities are assessed.

Nobody thinks anarchists can do anything there. It’s like tsunami in Nevada.


2010 September 1, 14:26:30 by pipedija

Greece businesses on brink of bust

Greek officials warn thousands of small businesses are at risk of closing leading to a rise in unemployment.


2010 July 20, 01:33:17 by pipedija

Greek journalist shot dead 

July 19 - An investigative journalist has been killed by gunmen on the doorstep of his home in Athens, the first killing of a journalist in Greece in more than 20 years. Andrew Bossone reports.