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Israel recruits citizen advocates in Europe

2010 November 28, 22:02:29 by pipedija

'Allies and friends' will promote government policy to press and public meetings as part of fresh PR drive


(Source: Guardian)


Europe Map Video Shows Changing Borders, ‘10 Centuries In 5 Minutes’

2010 November 18, 16:01:28 by pipedija

While most European borders may seem permanent and fixed, a new video illustrates their fluidity over the last 1,000 years.

The clip, “10 Centuries In 5 Minutes,” is set to contemplative music and shows the advances of invaders, the collapse of empires, and the rise of new nations.

(Source: The Huffington Post)


Oil and politics, the Lithuania round

2010 October 15, 16:22:00 by Oil and politics, the Lithuania round

How a Polish investment in a Lithuanian oil refinery went bad and raised Russia’s ire.

Poland and Lithuania used to be part of the same country, both suffered under Soviet occupation and are both members of the European Union. So they should be close allies. But a misbegotten Polish investment in a Lithuanian refinery — intended to cement that relationship — is driving them apart.


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Mascot: FIBA Europe - EuroBasket 2011 - Lithuania

Mascot: FIBA Europe - EuroBasket 2011 - Lithuania


2010 October 4, 17:28:59 by pipedija

The Rubik cube European Championship was held in Budapest this weekend, thirty years after the toy started it’s worldwide success.


U.S. terror warning could hurt Europe’s economy

2010 October 4, 02:26:01 by pipedija

Via Japan Today


Top economist warns of european ‘wave of austerity’

2010 October 4, 01:45:38 by pipedija

(Source: twitter.com)


Terror plot in Europe prompted drone strikes in Pakistan

2010 September 30, 03:04:38 by pipedija

Via Japan Today


2010 September 29, 19:23:47 by pipedija

European science and technology

Ariane Rocket
Galileo Project
Aribus A380
Eurofighter Typhoon
Columbus laboratory/ATV/Node3

2007 Nobel Prize in Physics:
Albert Fert (EU)
Peter Grünberg (EU)

2007 Nobel Prize in Chemistry:
Gerhard Ertl (EU)

2007 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine:
Mario Capecchi (US citizen, born in Europe)
Oliver Smithies (US citizen, born in Europe)
Martin J. Evans (EU)

2007 Nobel Prize in Literature:
Doris Lessing (EU)

2007 Nobel Prize in Economics:
Leonid Hurwicz (USA)
Eric S. Maskin (USA)
Roger B. Myerson (USA)

Europe is gaining ground on the US in the field of innovation thanks mainly to Nordic countries leading the way.

The EU-US innovation gap has been decreasing year-on-year since 2003, according to a 2006 report . The latest version of the EU’s “innovation scoreboard” reveals it was the Danes, Finns, Germans and Swedes who were ahead of the pack, establishing themselves as world leaders in the field. The report also highlighted outstanding performance in life-long learning, with participation levels highest among the Swedish population at 35%, compared to Europe’s overall 11%.

Published by a Maastricht research institute, the scoreboard ranks the economies of 34 countries on the basis of 25 indicators, including education, investment in modern technologies, R&D expenditure and numbers of patents granted. The countries under the microscope are the US, Japan and the EU, as well as Croatia, Turkey, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

The report identifies four main groups:

Innovation leaders: Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Japan

Innovation followers: UK, Iceland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, US

Countries catching-up: Slovenia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Portugal, Poland, Latvia, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania

Trailing countries: Estonia, Spain, Italy, Malta, Hungary, Croatia and Slovakia

The “trailing countries” have scored well below the innovation average for the EU as a whole and require substantial investment to catch up. Luxembourg, Norway and Turkey would not fit in any of these categories.

A survey by the EU’s statistical office Eurostat reveals that over 40% of European companies are actively innovating, more frequently in collaboration with customers and suppliers than with universities and public research institutes.


2010 September 26, 02:13:00 by pipedija

European Capitals - Vilnius

Lithuania@European Union

(Source: youtube.com)


2010 September 17, 00:14:44 by pipedija

Strikes spread across Europe 

As industrial action takes place in several European countries, from Italy and France, to Greece and the UK, an analyst considers whether Europe is heading for a new ‘winter of discontent’. 

(Source: reuters.com)


2010 September 16, 17:46:15 by pipedija

Ukraine, Kazakhstan set for Europe oil transit

(Source: youtube.com)


2010 September 1, 14:17:31 by pipedija

German unemployment down

The number of jobless in Europe’s largest economy Germany has fallen to its lowest level in more than a year.


WikiLeaks already in Tumblr!

2010 August 10, 00:30:00 by pipedija

… and PNN between the first Tumblr friends!

Pipedija Net News is leading news service in Eastern Europe, working separately from tradicional mass media.

Brand name Pipedija is the free internet Encyclopedia of alternative information and rumours.


2010 July 20, 01:33:17 by pipedija

Greek journalist shot dead 

July 19 - An investigative journalist has been killed by gunmen on the doorstep of his home in Athens, the first killing of a journalist in Greece in more than 20 years. Andrew Bossone reports.

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